You could have concluded that live-in care is the most suitable course of action for either you or someone you care about, nevertheless how much would it cost as a whole? It might be difficult to decide how to care for someone you love because each family’s circumstances are unique. Knowing the choices available and the differences within the care services which are offered, as well as the expenses associated with each, will help one select a well-informed choice.


If the person you cherish is assisted to continue living independently in their own home by a live-in caregiver, they will benefit from having a great deal of freedom and control in all aspect of daily life, from what time to wake up to when and where they take their meals. Family members’ concerns can be significantly calmed by seeing that a professional competent and knowledgeable is providing all the time care for their relative.

The cost of a nursing home differs based on where in the UK you stay. Furthermore, there are price discrepancies between nursing residences and residential care centres. Because nursing homes offer all day long assistance from licensed professionals, they may be more costly in certain regions.

The cost of live-in care facilities can vary significantly; therefore, it therefore helps to compare prices and be very specific on the degree of care one requires because this can have a considerable impact on the typical weekly fee one pay. In accordance to the 2023 UK Care Guide, the cost of full-time live-in care for a single individual can range between £800 per week to $1,800 per weekly. The price of an elite service might range from £165 to £210 each day, based on the type of assistance needed.

There are several reasons why precise expenses can differ so widely. These reasons include but not limited to:

  • Care required 
  • Location
  • Status of regulations

When two individuals require a stay in a care facility, they must pay for two separate spaces, thus live-in care may be an inexpensive solution for spouses who simultaneously require some level of assistance. Two people can have their care requirements met by one caregiver in the privacy of their place of residence, allowing them to maintain their relationship with one another.

The cost of this package is comprehensive and comprises a full bespoke assistance, meaning the caregiver will help you live life exactly in the manner you desire as well as take care of your own private affairs. This implies that professionals are also available for supporting you with chores that are outside the scope of a typical care worker, which includes accompanying you on outings, doing some light mowing the lawn looking after your furry family members, or conducting necessary tasks.

The ways to pay for care include but not limited to:

  • Putting money aside and making investments
  • Lifetime mortgages and property-reversion strategies for wealth transfer