About Us

Pesnique healthcare we specialise in Recruitment services and provide competent, professional staff direct results oriented personnel to the health sector. We provide staff to Nursing homes, mental hospitals, hospitals and supported living accommodations. Our staff are friendly and professionally trained in various key skills required to deliver their duties safely and efficiently.

We are constantly recruitment new staff roles for carers and support worker staff to cover shifts in your local areas, please contact our recruitment team direct on our contact numbers provided or drop us emails on the email provided. We support our teams and staff to carry out their duties wherever the assignment you offered, you will never walk alone, 24/7 support line is active at all the times

Great Opportunities to career development and we will offer every member a chance to advance their career path in every roles of their choices.  We value every effort done by our passionate teams keeping all service users safe and empowered within the places we work in.  We are happy having teams with vast amount of years’ experience in healthcare sector dedicated and committed to deliver the best care that everyone patients will be proud of.

We work on different shift pattern depends on the requirements from the places our staff are wanted, usually long shift pattern are common in mental hospitals. A break is offered either same time with patients or separate times for staff, this can be lunch on site or staff gets their own hour for lunch. Staff are given a quick induction and shown around prior to fully commencement of taking regular shifts. In supported living setting however shifts varies from few hours  to long days depending of the needs for service users and their daily activities requirements.  Working with Pesnique there is everything for every staff please feel free to have chat with us.